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To answer the question...."A couple of sessions felt great, why have I been asked to come back?

"Why have I been asked to come back?"

A course of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) sessions, typically over an 8 week period has been shown to have the greatest effect on the system, not only so you’re feeling better now but into the future as well. It takes time and the unravelling of layers of stress and tension through CST in order to release not only the primary issue but also the layers of compensation that have occurred in the body over time.

For example,

An injury to the knee may cause a long term change in the walking pattern, and so lead to stress on the low back. This stress on the low back over time leads to tension build up, which after a longer period will often replicate in the neck or cranial bones. The nervous system does this in order to balance the system, we are a big walking biomechanical unit after all. If one cog goes out, the others slowly follow.

A series of 8 sessions over an 8-12 week period has shown to have the largest effect on releasing body and mind stresses and tensions, reducing pain and anxiety and increasing quality of life. Not only so you’re feeling better now, but so those previously stubborn issues don’t return in the future.

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