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Pregnant and worried about breast feeding? Breast feeding already not going well?

Some stories you hear can be gruesome and upsetting when it comes to breast feeding...one moment you hear from a friend that it was a breeze and the next says it was a nightmare, or still is...!? There are steps you can take as a preparing mum to help prevent breast feeding issues.

A strong research review has proven that babies who are laid on their mothers chest immediately at birth have shown to be healthier than those of usual hospital care timing.

"Skin‐to‐skin contact (SSC) begins ideally at birth and should last continually until the end of the first breastfeeding. SSC involves placing the dried, naked baby prone on the mother's bare chest, often covered with a warm blanket."

Why is this important? The infants are more likely to breast feed successfully on their first feed and to breast feed for longer.

How? The neurological instincts of the infant kick in with this vital skin to skin contact at birth, but if this window is missed these children can show a tardiness in those instincts.

Asking "How can I get this?" Skin-to skin contact within 10 minutes of birth or before, for 60 minutes.

You must speak to your midwife and perhaps present the research to them as well.

Moore ER, Bergman N, Anderson GC, Medley N. Early skin‐to‐skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016, Issue 11. Art. No.: CD003519. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003519.pub4.


Is your baby already having latching issues?

This can be down to many different reasons. Some of the options you have are:

1. Consult your local lactation consultant.

2. Look at whether dairy is an issue for you and your baby...when breast feeding what you eat makes up your milk and often dairy can play a large roll in the upset tummy of your bub...which can put them off eating...if you notice they've reduced their feeding and are being fussy...cutting out dairy can be one of your options.

3. Seek a consultation with Dr Charlotte at Flow Chiropractic to have your bub assessed for tensions which may be lingering around the upper neck and inhibiting baby from physically being able to suckle well. If you have sore nipples, or baby is only taking in the first half of the nipple it could mean baby isn't suckling well...very gentle care is given at Flow Chiropractic to assist the release of tensions found in your baby's body which can often help to normalise the latch.

There is limited research.

4. Tongue ties are a growing epidemic in today's new born bubs, so having your child assessed by a local specialist like a dentist of chiropractor trained in ties can be the first step to finding out whether this is whats causing the issues with feeding.

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