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Chiropractic Essential Service- Mon March 23rd Update

You must have been wondering if your appointments will still be running in the coming weeks as things change fast with the COVID-19 pandemic updates daily...and so was I... 

Happily, today we’ve had an update from the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA) informing all chiropractors of the National Cabinet’s agreed measures on social distancing, hygiene measures and access to essential services that were made yesterday.

Health services, including chiropractic, are still able to operate and the ACA encourages the following:

  1. Appropriate infection control and hygiene measures are critical.

  2. Ensure appropriate social distancing within your clinic with regards to waiting rooms and workplaces.

  3. Practice in accordance with relevant legislation and best practice in healthcare.

At Flow Chiropractic & Wellness I have already increases the infection control and hygiene measures. - The tables are disinfected thoroughly between every client.  - The practice and bathroom are disinfected at the end of every shift; once or twice daily. - Flow Chiropractic & Wellness has always and will always practice in accordance to best practice under the legislated practices and procedures. Social distancing is easily adhered to at Flow Chiropractic with clients booked one per 20 minutes and chairs in the waiting areas inside and outside have been distanced apart. If you are having an queries about your finances in this current climate, and are wondering how that will affect your ability to get adjusted, please let me know as there are different funding routes possible, one through Medicare which covers up to 5 chiropractic appointments. Contact me if you have any queries, but for now it’s business not really as usual but close enough.