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Did you know...!?

When some people think of a chiropractor they think of a crack of relief and their back pain is gone... but there's another side to chiropractic that thousands of Australians seek care for every week...

Chiropractic can be chosen as a part of a healthy lifestyle used to relieve tension from the nervous system. But what does that even mean, you ask!? Well... tensions can occur in our bodies due to physical (posture, injuries, accidents), chemical (foods, lotions, drugs) or emotional stress.

When the body is overwhelmed by chemical, physical or emotional stress the body's normal ability to adapt to stress can be affected, and thus we find resulting weaknesses can occur in the body which could be related to causing tensions along the spine and the nerves coming from the spine- ouch! (we call these vertebral subluxations)

Vertebral subluxation = tension on the spine and nerve which is affecting the nerve flow.

So what does that do to the body!?

We know that nerves have the job of sending the messages from the brain to the body to tell the body what to do right! So any lack of nerve flow due to tensions along the spine can affect the brain and the body from talking to one another effectively!

This can cause weakness, loss of movement, pain and less function :(

Chiropractic adjustments can help to improve this vital brain to body connection by taking tensions off the spine and nerves which can then allow the nerves to flow effectively again, thus reconnecting the brain to body chit chat! That sounds good right!?

Strong brain to body connection = stronger body... more fun, happier life ;) ...surely!